What We Do

The Kasper Consultancy enables small and mid-size companies to employ the strategies and techniques of America's largest and most successful marketers. These companies follow best practices in marketing and communications planning. They know that doing your homework to completely understand your target audience, your own brand's strengths and weaknesses and the opportunities and threats of the environment in which you compete yields superior results, optimizing your marketing investment.

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What We Believe

Before we can hope to influence your prospects (i.e., persuade, motivate, sell), we need to lay a firm foundation. We believe in starting with the basics – the strategic blocking and tackling necessary to clearly define your most lucrative audience segments, the space your brand occupies in the target’s mind, and how to best differentiate your brand to compete and win in the marketplace.

Brand Development Workshop

The best method we have found to discover the true essence and positioning of the brand is the Brand Development Workshop. Typically this consists of two day-long sessions with key players in the organization (6 to 8 is an optimal number). Using participatory exercises we’ve developed including Brand Essence MatrixTM and Brand.Personified.TM we’ll discover:  Brand Essence: Who you are as a company.  Brand Positioning: What you stand for.  Brand Promise: Your unique, persuasive, compelling offer.  Target Audience: Your most lucrative customers.  Competitive Gaps: The white space available for your brand.